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Repair Your Home

Home Repair

The Habitat Critical Home Repair program helps low-income homeowners by providing affordable loans to help repair critical issues in or around their home. 

Through the program homeowners partner with Habitat for Humanity and our volunteers. This work improves quality of life, and preserves the housing stock in Southeastern Ohio.

Note: This is not a free program.

The Home Repair program addresses health and safety concerns in several areas of the home as well as in the community.  Projects have a financial cap of $5,000. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Unsafe Roofing
  • Sidewalk Issues
  • Plumbing Issues
  • Roof/Deck Repairs
  • Accessibility
  • Hazards inside and outside the home

Note: Habitat for Humanity reserves the right to refuse to work on any project we feel does not fall within our scope of work.

The Home Repair program serves homeowners throughout Southeast Ohio who:

  • Live in their own homes (no land contracts)
  • Have one or more critical housing needs
  • Must meet income guidelines (see tables below)
  • Are current on property tax payments
  • Have an active homeowner’s insurance policy
  • Willing to pay 20% down on project costs (Max of $750)
  • Willing to perform “sweat equity” hours based on project cost
  • Willing to make monthly, zero-interest payments back to Habitat

Mobile Homes

Habitat will work on mobile homes if all above requirements are met as well as these additional guidelines:

  • Must own mobile home and land (no land contracts)
  • Habitat will only complete work up to 25% of the value of the mobile home (as determined by Habitat)

Income Guidelines

There are two different types of income guidelines based on your family type.  Please see below:

Senior Citizens (60+), Veterans, & those with Disabilities: 20% – 90% Area Median Income (up to $45,000 max)

Family Size Yearly Gross Income Range
One (1) $7,800 – $35,100
Two (2) $8,920 – $40,140
Three (3) $10,040 – $45,000
Four (4) $11,140 – $45,000
Five (5) $12,040 – $45,000
Six (6) $12,940 – $45,000



Other: 20% – 60% Area Median Income



Family Size Yearly Gross Income Range
One (1) $7,800 – $22,860
Two (2) $8,920 – $26,100
Three (3) $10,040 – $29,340
Four (4) $11,140 – $32,580
Five (5) $12,040 – $35,220
Six (6) $12,940 – $37,800

If you feel you meet all of the criteria above, please fill out a pre-application below:

First Name
Last Name
Address Line 1
Postal Code
Do You Own and Live in Your Home? (No Land Contracts)
Is Your Home a Mobile Home?
Do You Have Homeowner's Insurance?
Are You Current on Property Taxes(or can become current quickly)?
Are You a Senior or a Veteran?
Are You Willing to Make a Down Payment and Pay a Zero Interest Loan?

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    Home National Bank
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